We increase the standard
of education in marketing,
communication and design.

What we offer

What we do

1   We develop the potential of creative talents,students and graduates.
We provide real-life practice on actual company projects.
3We improve skills and knowledge.
4   We connect talents with companies.
What we offer

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso

What we offer

Primary schools and middle schools

Through an active form of educational workshops, we train children in marketing literacy, basic principles of creativity and mediate new technological trends. Students themselves canactively participate in the course via smart learning.

Our methodology combines digital tools, body language and symbols. This way the children learn: what is marketing, how advertising agencies work, how to expand their own creativity or what is a datamaze and how they cansafely present themselves on the internet.

High schools and colleges

We offer practical experience in the fields of marketing and design under the supervision of professional experts inthe given field. Students will get involved in working on real orders of actua lcompanies and their brands. In our practice-based workshops, students will expand their knowledge of communication strategies, portfolio and consumer behaviour analysis, graphics techniques etc...

They will be introduced to the process of creating marketing strategies and implementing complex communicational activities, which are essential for self-development and future career growth.

Seminars and expert audit

We help companies build effective marketing.  No matter if you are astart-up, a family business or an enterprise, we will assist you with an audit of all your brands and products. Our experienced lecturers offer a wide rangeof seminars depending on your personal requirements.

Intermediation of employees

Businesses in our region often struggle to find competent workers for marketing positions. We will find, trainand connect you with talented students and/or specialists. From graphic designers to managers.


●  Datamaze aka data shadowing
●  What does working in a marketing and/or advertising agency entail?
●  How important is the role of marketing in our dynamically changing world?
●  I know who I am and I can present myself
●  Creativity in us
●  I enjoy it and I am good at it - development of presentation skills
●  Idea business
●  Brand and its role in today's world
●  How to launch a successful campaign
●  Self-presentation
●  Critical thinking
●  Presentation skills
●  The communication of the 21st century or irresistible technologies
●  I am an original, not a copy aka my personal branding
●  You are different from me and I respect that
●  Stress versus comfort zone or how to deal with change
●  The definition of basic social values
●  Internal and external communication
●  Customer insight
●  Brand building
●  Marketing campaign calculation
●  Graphic design
●  Copywriting, online admissions
●  Video creation
●  Basics of a successful presentation
●  To businesses, we offer additional coaching of employees in both soft and hard skills. We will train new staff according tothe specific requirements of the company thus reducing the adaptation process,especially for graduates.

Another services

Specialized courses
We will design a package of key skill sand assure company practice, adequately based on your demands
Individual courses
The definition of basic social values, Internaland external communication, Customers insight, Brand building, Marketing campaign calculation, Graphic design, Copywriting (online admissions), Videocreation, Basics of a successful presentation
We will arrange practical experiencein a team of professionals creating a real product for a customer
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